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The N.M.E.S. Mezzanine - The Future of video games.

The N.M.E.S. Mezzanine hardware is based on two
things, V.R and And 256-Bit graphics. We think
that our console will appeal to the 18-25 age
group. Because we will provide the gamer with
the most realistic graphics he or she will EVER
see in their lifetime. Also the N.M.E.S. Mezzanine
will be portable. meaning, for example, you are
in a room. And put on the N.M.E.S. Mezzanine, and
the V.R helmet. Your mind is playing the game. Not
you. and the helmet will control your thouch and
your feel. What i am trying to say is this: Where-
ever you go, you can take The N.M.E.S. Mezzanine
with you and do the things i just described to you
the gamer.

Of course,there are safety issues involved as
as well. and that's why we will put a feature in our
system so that whenever you are on the street,you
can see the cars coming or see someplace you want to
go through your V.R. helmet.

Written By: Travis Godoy


"The Future of video games is on the N.M.E.S. Mezzanine!"