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The Soul of the N.M.E.S. Mezzanine
The N.M.E.S. Mezzanine is Based on a modified
version of the Linux Operating System. We feel
that Our system is a "Game System" and not a
"P.C." So our version of the Linux O.S. Must
be tailored to the needs of the N.M.E.S. Mezzanine.

Our system's game media is based on these Five:
DVD-ROM,DVD-VIDEO,CD-ROM,CD-R. Our own special
media,DVD-Image,will be used for promotional
purposes only. And for games that have the "T"
or "M" rating.

Our development kit (In development) will be
in two versions: The Open Source version and
the commercial version. The Development Kit
will be freely available to everyone.We expect
the Kit to hit Late april or Early-Late May.
At that time, developers everywhere will get
a Chance to develop for the World's most powerful
game system.

The N.M.E.S. Mezzanine runs on a modified
distribution of Linux called "GS Linux".
Whenever there is a MAJOR release of the
Linux Kernel, we will release an update Pack
to maintain the distribution.

The N.M.E.S. Mezzanine not only uses V.R.
but also it holds "Killer Apps" like the
ability to go on the Internet via the
intergrated Mozzila web browser or the
ability to record your favorite shows
via the "Personal T.V Recorder" software.

Written by: Travis Godoy





"The Future of video games is on the N.M.E.S. Mezzanine!"