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Welcome to the center of the N.M.E.S. Mezzanine!
The N.M.E.S. Mezzanine is a Open Source
video game system based on the Linux Kernel.
The amazing thing about this system is that
the gamer will not need the T.V. screen. But
however The V.R headset. But the T.V. screen
will be used for The high-speed connections
of the Internet. And recording your favorite
Shows via the 80GB Hard drive incased in it.

Also,The games of this system will make TOTAL
USE of the system hardware,Providing the
ordainary gamer with Graphics unseen in video
games before.The proposed retail price of the
system is .99

P.S. - "Mezzanine" means Silver!
To all y'all Linux programers. We need two
programers. If you got the skill to be a
Linux programer, E-mail us at: nmesonline@freeservers.com! And oh yeah, we will
start accepting preorders at the end of april!
Son! Peace!

Red Hat Linux 9 - The Heart of the N.M.E.S. Mezzanine


"The Future of video games is on the N.M.E.S. Mezzanine!"